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In the Mood for Indian Food:

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Bombay Chutney Company is on a mission to bring authentic Indian cuisine right into a kitchen near you!

Made from locally-sourced, all-natural, organic ingredients, Bombay Chutney’s foods are as good for your tummies as they are for your tastebuds. Our wide selection of carefully curated chutneys, basmati rices, simmer sauces, Ayurvedic Spices, and full fresh-to-frozen Indian meals are both healthy and wholesome. They’re made with love, delivered directly to your kitchen. Curious about what makes them so unique? Taste them for yourself!

Authentic Indian Chutneys





Free from artificial coloring, preservatives, nuts, and added oils, our chutney flavors include:

Tomato Chutney

Spicy, savory, and rich tomato chutney is the perfect addition to any chicken, beef, or seafood dish

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Plum Chutney

A staple in Indian cuisine, sweet plum chutney complements lamb and duck dishes as well as specialty cocktails and yogurts

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Cranberry Chutney

Not quite your mom’s Thanksgiving cranberry sauce, cranberry chutney spices up any pork, steak, or cheese plate

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Pomegranate Chutney

The ultimate Ayurvedic anti-inflammation delicacy, pomegranate chutney is good for both the body and mind

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Mint Chutney

Fresh and full of flavor, mint chutney is the perfect dip for Samosas, Pakodas, or even as a marinade addition with a spicy kick

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Coconut Chutney

The ideal South Indian breakfast, coconut chutney can be served with mouthwatering roasted chana dal or take the stage solo 

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Fresh-to-Frozen, 100% authentic savory Indian snacks

Savory Saag

Sink your teeth into some vegan, spinach-based grub with our sumptuous saag

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Curry & Kofta

This vegetarian version of an Italian Wedding Soup can be served in soup, over rice, or with naan

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Rich Rajma

Keep your veggie vibes going strong with a spiceful, delicious bean-based Rajma (aka Indian chili)

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Indian Samosas

Snack on this! The healthiest version of a Samosa you’ve ever tasted.Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself!

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Soups, Sauces, and Masalas galore! We hate to break it to you, but you’re not the only snack in town. Take your tastebuds on a trip around the globe as you dig into all of Bombay Chutney Co.’s nourishing noshes

Daal Tadka

Lentils are the perfect base for a variety of spices, making this soup a go-to in anyone’s kitchen.

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Chana Masala

Chana Masala, sometimes referred to as chole, is one of the most traditional Indian dishes around.

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Simmer Sauces

Simmer sauces are the perfect complement to any naan, meat, or seafood dish.

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Roti Rolls

This wheat flour wrap indulges your senses with a mix of heavenly spices that will bring you right back to the streets of Bombay.

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Chaat Chips

An Indian twist on your classic crisps, Chaat Chips are traditional Indian snacks.

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Ayurvedic Spices

Ayurvedic spices not only enhance your favorite foods, but they may also offer alternative healing properties.

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